Watching movies from Iranian TV

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Watching Movies and serials is one of the major hobbies in the world. There are profits from Watching Movies Online. The Popularity of the internet increases. So, the fascinating services prepared by it encourages more people to download movies or watch them online. In other words, watching movies online via the internet has become a general system. Iranian TV provides you with lots of Iranian movies and serials.

iranian tv

Advantages of watching online movies

There are many benefits to watching movies online. For example, some people do not like to get ready, drive to reach the theatre, and then watch the favorite movie while being surrounded by lots of strangers. Instead, individuals can easily search the desired movie online, download it and then watch it whenever they prefer.

Watching movies online enables you to search among the huge database of movies and seek while browsing the involved websites. This offers the user an opportunity to browse the movies based on his choice, needs, and taste. And also provides him a chance to reach similar movies of his style. These intentions are good enough to satisfy any internet user to watch movies online. However, the most important reason that makes this method a winner is that these movies are often offered for a small budget. UniFars website and application as Iranian tv, allow users to download complete Iranian movies. You just need to pay a small cost for subscription. Also, we offer no compromise with the audio or video quality, and often the most recent releases are available for download.

In the past, some people desired buying CDs or DVDs from the market, however, this scenario has become old now simply because they do not like to spend money on expensive DVDs. Therefore, by using the UniFars website and application as Iranian tv, you can watch different categories of online movies. Also, this eliminates the probable malfunction of maintaining the disks safe from scratches or suffering from bad prints.

Consideration for watching online movies

However, there are certain considerations, to watch movies online. First of all, the website that you are using must be trustworthy and don’t hack your system to get your personal information. UniFars website application guarantees users no fear to watch movies online. So, by utilizing trusted websites and applications like Iranian tv and downloading movies legally this problem can be dealt with. So, checking the authenticity of the website and application to decide whether to use it or not is a necessary issue to never get to be fooled by the flashy advertisements.

Another tip for people who want to watch movies online from UniFars is that once they want to download movies, to prevent wasting a long-time utilizing an internet connection that provides good download speed can save your money since it empowers you to download the latest movies on your computer rapidly.


UniFars is IPTV (Internet Protocol Television). In such services delivering media content, videos, or live television is performed over an IP network. IPTV can use the public internet to deliver content to an IP enabled TV, mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or PC. It is an accepted solution for providing tv services within the residential property, hotels, and hospitals

IPTV services are principally classified into three fundamental groups:

Live stream or television

Time-shifted television:

Video on Demand (VOD):

IPTV provides the reliable and secure delivery of entertainment video, live streams across an IP data network. Such services may involve, encoded streams, Video on Demand (VOD), broadcast TV, and interactive TV. Therefore, such services can deliver across a network utilizing the IP protocol to transfer the audio, video to smart TVs, set-top boxes, media players, mobile devices, laptops, and macs. Compared to video over the public Internet, deploying IPTV can manage network security and performance better to ensure a professional experience.

Uni Fars as Iranian TV

Uni Fars as Iranian IPTV is a secure management platform. It can deliver high quality live and recorded video feeds across an IP network within any organization and business. Our IPTV solution is scalable and flexible, permitting the multicast delivery of content to lots of endpoints with very minimal network impact. Our IPTV systems offering simultaneous delivery of both live streams for advertising and communications.

You can watch Farsi-language channels online with the Uni Fars app without interruption and from your mobile phone. Uni Fars gives you access to watch Iranian TV and your favorite satellite channels. By installing the Uni Fars app from the App Store and Google Play Android for your mobile or tablet to Persian-language TV channels as well as the archive of movies.

Uni Fares has special channels for children like GEM kids, GEM junior, U TOON in its list of channels. You can play Persian serials for your children, anywhere, using a mobile app or tablet. Uni Fars has an archive of up-to-date Iranian films and serials.

Iranian TV or Uni Fars has some advantages include No need for dish and receiver, ability to stop programs for up to an hour, access outside of Iran, and 24-hour support.

With Uni Fars, you can easily access Persian-language satellite channels and Iranian TV channels all over the world other than Iran. You just need to use the internet, without the need for dishes and receivers. This service is available for Persian-speaking compatriots outside of Iran.

Iranian TV is proper choice

Thus, watching various Iranian serials and movies online with minimum cost is possible in Iranian TV, application, and websites. We support both Android and iOS. Uni Fars or Iranian TV has more than 100 Persian-language channels. It has a large archive of films and series for the current of Iranian cinema. We offer a 30 Days Free Subscription. It is possible to look anytime, anywhere with Uni Fars. It’s easy to watch Uni Fares as Iranian TV from anywhere. You can download the free Uni Fars app from Google Play or Apple store. We appreciate your choice for selecting us and invite you to enjoy different collection of fascinating serials and movies.

We offer one-month free usage. You can log in to the UniFars site and register for free to enjoy your one-month free subscription.

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